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Hi gang!

2009-10-15 22:45:13 by Merlemage

Hey there Newgrounds!
My name is Shari, I'm an artist and I'm new to the site..well I've been a frequenter for some time now but I didn't realize there was an art portal XD

So now I've started posting my artwork here and can't believe the warm welcome I've received! This community is so lovely and accepting of my goofy artwork, hooray! And don't worry there is more to come of course :D

I live in Canada. I enjoy drawing, videogames, comics, watching cartoons and all things related :B
I never know what to write in these things, so feel free to ask away^^

Oh and I will do commissions, I won't draw ppl getting it on just to get that out of the way ha! And I don't charge retarded amounts either so msg me and I can get you a quote :D

thanks everyone for looking at my stuff, seeya around the site!
<3 Shari

Hi gang!


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2009-10-15 22:48:09

okay welcome


2009-10-16 23:16:32

hey Shari!, I like your artwork allot, can you plz tell me what program u use to make 'em?

Merlemage responds:

why of course :D
I use photoshop mainly, sometimes I do some touch ups in corel painter
and I usually do a thumbnail with pencil first, just seems to work out better for me that way, not sure why.

Hope this helps :3


2009-10-18 01:22:43

Hi! (to the dragon as well x3) Love your art! On the topic of commissions, I was wondering if you could draw, a like female cybernetic ninja with a sort of little dog (if you know what a shiba inu is that would be awesome). Idk if you fun commissions for free (I do so I don't know), it's more like a request. xD

Merlemage responds:

sure I would love to try
and hehe yes I know what a shiba inu is, they are beautiful dogs (and this coming from a cat lover ;p)
not sure when I will get around to it, but it will be one of my future drawings oki? :D


2009-11-05 23:32:44

Hey there, fellow Canadian!

I like your stuff. Nice colours and fun concepts. Newgrounds needs more good art, so please keep on posting.

Merlemage responds:

Hey great to hear from another Canadian artist!
I'm glad you enjoy my stuff and I will keep on posting (just for you) ;p


2009-11-06 13:37:44

Love your artwork and look forward to more :D


2009-11-08 16:29:14

Why are all the good artists from Canada?

You have fantastic art! I want to ask you to do a comission but I don't know of what.

Merlemage responds:

Haha, I have no idea..maybe because it's cold and all we can do it sit inside and draw :P
and hey that's the beauty of commissions, they can be any odd request :D


2009-11-10 21:32:57

Can you tell your dragon I said hi?

Merlemage responds:

I'll make sure he gets the msg :B


2009-11-19 20:51:53

and a good artist u are and it took me a month to notice there was an artportal XD but somehow some way i saw one of ur awsome pics and i came here for more (it was the behemoth crhistmas pic) so welcome to our community. :)

Merlemage responds:

aw thank you very much! It's nice to get such a warm welcome here <:)


2010-03-03 15:52:14

Dude your arts awsome, I my self im an artist but sadly i dont have a scanner, so i haven't posted any thing. Its also cool how you used photoshop in ur work, it looks so good.

Merlemage responds:

Oh man you have to get a scanner! I seriously picked mine up for 40 and that was a few years ago, a sound investment :D
I'm glad you dig the photoshop work, and hope you find your way onto the interwebs some day!


2010-07-05 17:47:21

I once worked with a black woman from Montreal called Shari... I thought it was an odd name, but then again I'm a Frenchie so I'm not that used to English names.

Also I would like you to draw people getting it-
oh yeah, forgot you don't do that...

There's a friend of mine who says he'll draw anything you want as long as you pay him enough XD


2010-07-05 19:18:23

Thank you for choosing NG - always room for another Canadian! Hope you land some commissions and some good times in short order!


2010-07-08 08:16:40

Dayum girl, you good.


2010-07-09 03:59:30

An influx of Canadians on this site really have livened things up!


2011-04-23 22:06:12

Hope you haven't given up on drawing (or this site).... really looking forward to seeing more of your work here!